Aughton Accountancy and Bookkeeping Services, a small business itself, understands how small businesses work and the help they are most likely to need with their day-to-day and longer term bookkeeping, tax and accountancy requirements.


Before offering any advice we need to understand your business and personal circumstances – only then can we offer tailored advice to help you decide the best course of action. We'll advise which accounts must be prepared and suggest other financial reports which might help you understand more about your business. As a starting point to the process: Are you confident that you comply with all the accounting requirements for your business? Are you aware of heavy fines for late submission of returns and accounts? Can you interpret a set of accounts and use that information to help your business grow?

For many, the preparation of annual/monthly/quarterly accounts is seen as costly, time-consuming and of little value. For most though, such accounts give a clear statement of the health of a business and a starting point for developing future strategies.

We can help you to meet all reporting/statutory accounting requirements; providing a cost-effective service with accounts prepared as early as possible after the end of a trading year. Quick preparation of year end accounts will give you an early indication of how your business has performed, make sure you can answer any queries whilst they are still fresh in your memory and make the preparation of self-assessment and tax returns a lot less stressful. If you're claiming any kind of benefit or help for instance with university fees, early preparation of accounts will be invaluable.

In short, we'll take away the annual headache of accounts preparation.

Rely on us.

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